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Sen. Larry Craig

 Idaho Republican Senator Larry Craig was arrested this summer, for lewd activity in a bathroom, at the Minneapolis Airport.  He pled guilty   He now claims he isn’t GAY – LOL.  Well he’s never been a friend of Idaho Wilderness areas (like the Mallard … Continue reading

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Be-Aware when passing through UTah – there aren’t Expresso Stands in lots of places – sort of a new idea down there.  When your dependent upon 3 shots Expresso/16 oz cup, its a real eye opener – as they shake there heads, with a … Continue reading

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Cell Phone/GPS

 So I finally bought my first cell phone – a TRACFONE – no subscriptions, just buy minutes.  This works well, because we don’t live in an area where there is a cell tower – there is no service in or … Continue reading

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Oh Shaw, Now its Iran

Looks like our troops won’t be pulling out – just heading East. Bush is escalating and expanding this misguided War on Terrorism.

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Mugglers Suck!  I have noticed several instances lately, where Geocache’s have been muggled – where the cache or micro-cache has been taken or more frequently, a Travel Bug or Geocoin just vanishes or is stolen from a cache.  I can imagine there … Continue reading

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I-35W Bridge Collapse

Wow! Hard to imagine – I’ve driven across that bridge many times & traffic moves along so fast – what ultimate fear those involved must have experienced.  Fourty years old – I was a freshman in college that year – doesn’t seem that long … Continue reading

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