Mitt Romney is the Man with the White Hat and the Power

Aside from the very wealthy, many of the uneducated and even racist white power groups are beginning to align behind Mitt Romney in the USA as he’s waving the flag of superiority and with God on our side we will wear our white hats and smash the evil empire in Iran and build that “Star Wars” defense shield in Europe – F.. Russia and Putin – Mitt is now drawing lines in the sand and the good guys will prevail because of our superior heritage. He will revoke all social safety net programs like affordable health insurance “Obamacare” and get rid of social security, medicare for elderly, unemployment, student loans, food stamps… to reduce tax on the millionaire’s & billionaire’s “friends of Mitt” as we wait for his “trickle-down” economic theory to kick-in. He will emphasize military build-up (jobs) and all the young mothers (moonlighting as hookers) and all the young men – outside the military (dope peddlers and gang-bangers) – who cant find good jobs with decent wages and insurance benefits – he can use his military mite to stop any resistance movements among the acorn eaters – there will be no building of a Parthenon and the rich will get richer.

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