Redistribution of Wealth

We have a problem with our economy – we are loosing ground to China and others – Our businesses and the economy in the USA, has not been able to adapt to the world market place – We no-longer have businesses that make products that are consumed by us – we are consuming products from other contries, who can make products cheeper and we like cheeper. So we continue to loose market share and the jobs that were once suported. Can this be rectified? Not by the people who want to keep pointing backwards at the way things used to be (Conservative think tanks :-q ) We need to adapt our entire economic perspective to fit within the present and future worldview. We really need to focus on the entire picture and not address this in a piecemeal fashion. :-!

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3 Responses to Redistribution of Wealth

  1. Debbie says:

    Hear hear! It is getting harder and harder to find domestically produced items and people go for the cheap stuff and ignore the poor quality. Often, you get what you pay for and the cheap items don’t last. How is this saving money, if, you have to go and buy more?

  2. Geohuntr says:

    This is actually a new topic: Raising The Debt Ceiling – Conservatives want to stop government spending and gut our social safety-net programs like madicare, medicade, unemployment … basically stop redisrtibution of wealth – and most of all they do not want to use any additional tax on the wealthiest 3% (multi-millionares & billionares) to help pay down the national debt. They are about to cause a catastrophic depression in world economy.

    There is one additional point that I think is most important – those people who are not already wealthy (cash funds,real estate or other precious commodities) are going to suffer most when the shit hits the fan. The wealthy will be able to weather any storm and even if they take some losses as our economy goes through a downward spiral, They will always be on top – infact the value of their assets will go up on a relative basis – the poor, people who don’t own their own homes, the unemployed – basically most everybody who is not wealthy – these will be the big loosers. If the Government is not there to help – the whole fuchen boat will go down and there are only life-rafts for the wealthy (who are in many cases Conservatives) a conflict of interest perhaps?
    There will be NO JOBS, and few benefits and probably lower wages for all of us. You all can forget about the present quality of life you may be accostomed to – NO JOBS and an economy that is in world-wide recession – nobody can afford to purchase…. you all may as well kick back and enjoy what savings you might have, as long as you can and learn to be happy with much less. This cound be the beginning of the end – the Mayans were right – December 27, 2012 is all she wrote. The anarchy on the streets in your neighborhood may look like something out of Stanley Kubreck’s A Clockwork Orange – best button up the latches mate.

  3. Geohuntr says:


    This is trickle-down theory and has no basis in making job creation a reality – next month – next year or ten years out. It would create more wealth for some and at a higher environmental expence to us all.

    When congress has been cutting more & more out of Dept. of Interior and Dept. of Agriculture budgets every year over the past 15 years – cutting personnel to bare bones level and than asking the few remaining employees to conduct Environmental Analysis and Impact Statements to comply with NEPA specific to project areas – to insure that the land, fish, animals, cultural resources, streams, threatened & endangered species and everything else is mitigated where problems are precieved by specialists. None of the sponsers of the Republical Jobs bill have participated in the NEPA process on Federal Lands or they would realize that for many large scale projects – analysis could not be accomplished in a 45 day window – at least not without increased agency funding and hireing many more specialists. This bill as it is writen would create a situation where there would be no active management of resources or specialists input on Federal lands, with regard to project proposals submitted by private enterprises. This would soon lead to rapeing our national resources. It wasn’t long ago that conservative Republicans were attempting to sell-off some of our Federal lands – effectively taking from the poor and giving to the rich. Most of these proposals make no sense as far as Job creation – If you continur to squeeze the Federal budget and limit what the Government can spend or might do to facilitate job creation – you will insure that NO JOBS will be created – The Economy will continue to stagnate – Unemployment will rise – Many more people will be without Health Care of any kind… Even a fool should be able to understand that this Republican Jobs bill would benefit wealthy companies and individuals and is not directed towards actually creating any jobs for the persent generation.

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