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Blog It

Computers enable all users to write great stuff – thanks to Microsoft, Google and the internet (Gore).  People can search, copy, paste and sign there name to it – quickly producing great plagiarism.  Advertisements

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Went Geocaching a couple days ago and was suprised to find an active wasp nest at the exact co-ordinate location   It was interesting, in that this location was about 25′ above the real geocache – a multi-dimensional juxtaposition.  It was cool enough that the … Continue reading

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I stumbled upon some really neat Geo-Swag items at – nice site & user friendly.

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Idaho State Quarter

The new Idaho State Quarter is out and I think the bird (Eagle?) is a strange choice to represent Idaho.  Anyway, it’s not near as cool as the Buffolo scull on the Montana coin.     Here in Montana, we voted for … Continue reading

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"It’s All About The SWAG, Baby"   

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Global Warning

The Al Gore DVD "Inconvienent Truth" was right-on!  Had to buy it, to track some of the predictions.  I read Bill McKibbin’s book back in 1989 and his predictions were right-on as well.   Seems our Democratic party and much of the rest of the world, … Continue reading

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Mining the Wilderness!

Seems that two large mining interests are closing down on portions of the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness Area.  The proposed Rock Creek Mine plans to build miles of road and other facilities and employ around 300 miners, for 30 years.  This … Continue reading

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