Hurricane Sandy Relief Aid

I would support a bill to help reconstruct public facilities and allow low interest loans for personal property repair. The bill that was ready for a vote had been split, with part of the money (around 27 billion) to fix infrastructure and assist with the private property restoration but not fund pet projects at this time. This would seem to be the best alternative ~ instead of the larger 60 billion amount that others would hope for. The next congress could probably swallow the smaller amount. 

I do think its a personal responsibility to have good household insurance that would cover the costs of reconstructing personal property losses. This should not be a responsibility of government to cover natural disaster events ~ people need to wise-up and move to higher ground :-! Global Warming is happening and the acclaimed environmental writer Bill McKibben wrote a book I read in 1989, titled End Of Nature, which documents just how the build-up of carbon in the atmosphere is tied to ever larger and more frequent natural disasters like hurricane, tornado, flood… and his predictions were right on :-! Despite what the conservative think tank attempts to hide or distort ~ environmental pollution and protection of nature should be our goal, despite the cost of doing business.

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2 Responses to Hurricane Sandy Relief Aid

  1. Lorelei says:

    Hi Geo,
    “Despite what the conservative think tank attempts to hide or distort ~ environmental pollution and protection of nature should be our goal, despite the cost of doing business.”
    ………….Sadly it is not.
    I don’t think it is just the conservatives are the only ones making bad decisions reguarding bad businesses decisions on enviroment. I think it is the greedy business practices of all businesses in general who don’t care about the damage they leave behind. I think one reason many businesses moved out of this country in the first place is so they could cut corners as far as polution and waste laws here in the US and what better way to do that than to move them somewhere else, out of sight, out of mind. Set up in to other countries who either isn’t wise to how bad the pollution is or don’t care because they (or a select few people) are getting very well compensated for letting these companies pollute theirs for as long as they can get away with it, then they move on and so on…..nothing ever really changes but the location of the companies with their toxic waste and pollution. Then there’s of course the chosen few in each country who get rich off letting them move in. The real shame in it is that no matter where in the world these companies move to…they are even more hazzardous disreguarding their toxic waste the cheapest way they can and they don’t care what that is or where it is let alone what long term effect it may have on anything at all. Other companies who do stick around and do follow the laws/rules have a much harder time running their companies and most likely will never see the kind of proffits the “other guys did” but then again, they probably won’t end up in a prison somewhere someday either. There’s got to be something said for being one of the good guys and not having to look over your back all the time and waiting for both shoes to drop at the same time.

  2. geohuntr says:

    Hi Lorelei ~ Enjoyed reading your comment and I think your environmental assessment is right-on with regard to dollars making the decisions, instead of good science. Public awareness of best environmental practices is a necessary watchdog, to monitor potential impacts from big money projects ~ wherever in the world they are proposed or are ongoing. Thanks for visiting my WordPress ~ I haven’t been here myself for ages, so your comment was a reminder 🙂

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