Affordable Health Care

I support the Affordable Health Care ideals and I think Obama is doing the best he can to get the program going, however I think a Cabinet level position should be created, so that the program has direct oversight and direction coming from a full-time administrator. Our president has way too many irons in the fire ~ all over the world, to be concerned with day-to-day development of ObamaCare.  

There is far too much criticism of President Obama and I think he speaks the truth (as he understands it) about everything, including ObamaCare. I believe big business interests, health insurance, the brothers Koch, the Tea Party and other political conservatives are doing everything possible to stop Affordable Health Care before it starts.  At stake are over 40 million uninsured citizens of the United States of America ~ these folks need health insurance ASAP


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Hurricane Sandy Relief Aid

I would support a bill to help reconstruct public facilities and allow low interest loans for personal property repair. The bill that was ready for a vote had been split, with part of the money (around 27 billion) to fix infrastructure and assist with the private property restoration but not fund pet projects at this time. This would seem to be the best alternative ~ instead of the larger 60 billion amount that others would hope for. The next congress could probably swallow the smaller amount. 

I do think its a personal responsibility to have good household insurance that would cover the costs of reconstructing personal property losses. This should not be a responsibility of government to cover natural disaster events ~ people need to wise-up and move to higher ground :-! Global Warming is happening and the acclaimed environmental writer Bill McKibben wrote a book I read in 1989, titled End Of Nature, which documents just how the build-up of carbon in the atmosphere is tied to ever larger and more frequent natural disasters like hurricane, tornado, flood… and his predictions were right on :-! Despite what the conservative think tank attempts to hide or distort ~ environmental pollution and protection of nature should be our goal, despite the cost of doing business.

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Republican Platform or “Romney-form”

I began to take a CNN voting survey, which appears to be aimed at Republicans – so I made a comment: I give the Republican-GOP ticket no support – they are pushing the ideas and programs of the very wealthy (upper 2%) and mega-businesses, including medically related insurance and drug manufacturing and other big players on Wall Street, that are out to line there own pockets at the expense on low and middle class Americans. They are out to gut all social programs that help the people who are in need and refuse to pay any additional tax, despite the fact that they have millions in personal wealth and are constantly whining about our National Debt crisis. They want to spend more on military programs and take more away from social programs. They don’t believe in stimulating the economy by infusing government money to create jobs that would benefit our shared infrastructure – yet they keep pointing at the unemployment statistics. They like to blame President Obama for not fixing the economy and the high unemployment – Europe is facing its highest unemployment ever right now – This is a Global Problem! – and NONE of the leaders of the industrialized world have answers and our own Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan also do not have a viable idea – they just want to remind everybody just how good we used to have it before the 1980’s – hahaha noway – this is a world economic crisis and we need to re-think the issues in a world-wide Global perspective. The Republicans don’t have a clue!

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Mitt Romney is the Man with the White Hat and the Power

Aside from the very wealthy, many of the uneducated and even racist white power groups are beginning to align behind Mitt Romney in the USA as he’s waving the flag of superiority and with God on our side we will wear our white hats and smash the evil empire in Iran and build that “Star Wars” defense shield in Europe – F.. Russia and Putin – Mitt is now drawing lines in the sand and the good guys will prevail because of our superior heritage. He will revoke all social safety net programs like affordable health insurance “Obamacare” and get rid of social security, medicare for elderly, unemployment, student loans, food stamps… to reduce tax on the millionaire’s & billionaire’s “friends of Mitt” as we wait for his “trickle-down” economic theory to kick-in. He will emphasize military build-up (jobs) and all the young mothers (moonlighting as hookers) and all the young men – outside the military (dope peddlers and gang-bangers) – who cant find good jobs with decent wages and insurance benefits – he can use his military mite to stop any resistance movements among the acorn eaters – there will be no building of a Parthenon and the rich will get richer.

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Did You Have Chimpanzee or Bonobo or Both In Your Family Tree?

An article appeared in Friday’s Missoulian newspaper (6/22/12) and if interested, the scientific findings are documented in the journal Nature – link to article: 

There is a link in the newspaper article that takes you to the Nature Journal. What I found interesting was that though the Chimp and Bonobos are similar in many respects – their behavior differs in important ways. Male Chimpanzees use agression to compete for dominance and obtain sex. In contrast, Bonobo males are highly subordinate to females and do not compete for dominance. Bobobos show intense sexual behavior that often involves same sex partners. Both Chimp’s and Bonobos possess characteristics that are more similar to human traits, than they are to each other. So do you think you have some Bonobo or Chimpanzee in your tree?  These findings could establish a genetic correlation or linkage between those people who exhibit dominant – aggressive personalities  and those with subordinate – submissive and homosexual leanings.     

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The Mayan Calendar – end of human time?

According to Mayan Codex, The fourth creation – when modern man evolved and lives within our time, comes to an end this December 20, 2012 on the winter soltice. Here is an official 2012 Countdown

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2012 Extension of Tax Break?

The issue should not be the gosh-darn Canadian oil pipeline – no doubt that will be done and it will be done in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), to insure that what is done, is in compliance to all environmental laws and regulations – for the safety of all things concerned, according to the very best scientific methods available. We don’t want to cause another natural disaster with oil spilling into water or aquafers; now do we House Speaker Bohner?

The Real Issue at hand is all about retaining the tax break and saving most families between $1000 – $1500 per household per year.  Many family budgets will be in bad shape with this loss of funds and the economy in general will suffer. Thinking people are aware of this.  Most everyone in the Senate (including many Republicans and Republican leader Mitch McConnell) do support extending the tax cut – democrats are unanimous in support; it seems that only the tea party types in the House and their leader speaker Bohner, are holding on stifffy against the extension tax break.
John Bohnner is such a big stiff – he needs to open that one big eye on the top of his big head and come with a more satisfying conclusion to this game he is playing with the American people’s pocketbooks. The Only issue here is getting the tax extension and President Obama & the democrats and many Republicans want it done ASAP – Before the New Year and they also dont care if its extended for two months or one year – those details can be worked out at a later date – bottom line do it now or it will cost everyone more money and more jobs than you can imagine. The House Republicans are precieved as extremist and are not co-operating with the political process – they are dragging this nation down and they should be removed expeditiously  :-!

This is one year later and the “Fiscal Cliff” has only one day to go (12/31/2012) before Congress must vote to tax additional money from the mega-rich or have everybody pay more tax. The Tea Party conservatives and some Republicans refuse to increase tax on the wealthiest 2% of the population. The result if we go over the cliff will increase tax on everyone ~ hurting the poor and middle classes most. This will cause people to spend less and the entire economy begins  downward momentum with more unemployment. The rich aren’t really effected ~ though they may not rake-in as much, when you have millions of dollars ~ who’s counting.  Going over the fiscal cliff will mandate less federal dollars are spent on military and social programs ~ again the poor and middle class will suffer most from unfunded social programs; while the Tea Party cheers.  Going over the Fiscal Cliff is self imposed austerity and I believe very stupid for our Congress to enact on our country ~ more recession and higher unemployment will be very difficult for all but the wealthy and it is the wealthy in our Congress who will decide.

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