Republican Platform or “Romney-form”

I began to take a CNN voting survey, which appears to be aimed at Republicans – so I made a comment: I give the Republican-GOP ticket no support – they are pushing the ideas and programs of the very wealthy (upper 2%) and mega-businesses, including medically related insurance and drug manufacturing and other big players on Wall Street, that are out to line there own pockets at the expense on low and middle class Americans. They are out to gut all social programs that help the people who are in need and refuse to pay any additional tax, despite the fact that they have millions in personal wealth and are constantly whining about our National Debt crisis. They want to spend more on military programs and take more away from social programs. They don’t believe in stimulating the economy by infusing government money to create jobs that would benefit our shared infrastructure – yet they keep pointing at the unemployment statistics. They like to blame President Obama for not fixing the economy and the high unemployment – Europe is facing its highest unemployment ever right now – This is a Global Problem! – and NONE of the leaders of the industrialized world have answers and our own Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan also do not have a viable idea – they just want to remind everybody just how good we used to have it before the 1980’s – hahaha noway – this is a world economic crisis and we need to re-think the issues in a world-wide Global perspective. The Republicans don’t have a clue!

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