Oh Shaw, Now its Iran

Looks like our troops won’t be pulling out – just heading East. Bush is escalating and expanding this misguided War on Terrorism.
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2 Responses to Oh Shaw, Now its Iran

  1. Geohuntr says:

    So Iran president Ahmadinejad spoke through a translator at Columbia Univ. today.  Noted some comments on his answers to questions.  Some think he is an evil madman – he questions the holocost?  Maybe he just needs a smarter translator or he should learn english, if he wants to represent a country.   Too bad, and such a nice looking guy – just says all the wrong things.  Bush & Condi won’t put up with him for long.

  2. Geohuntr says:

    Sounds like the U.S.A. will have spent over 600 BILLION greenbacks on the terrorist war by years end.  Too bad that wasn’t cached in the Social Security System instead – but that wouldn’t be the Republican way. 
    The other day Ahmadinejad (sort of like the wine Almaden), said Iran doesn’t have gays (hear that Larry?) – well thats got something to do with not knowing whats behind the veil or mask that they all have to wear.  Could be both the same or opposite sex – who would know with a mask on?  What a strange custom.  Besides the masks, they keep women in the dark – 70% literacy rate!  In Saudi Arabia I understand they don’t even let women drive – maybe they can just ride camels? 

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