Cell Phone/GPS

 So I finally bought my first cell phone – a TRACFONE – no subscriptions, just buy minutes.  This works well, because we don’t live in an area where there is a cell tower – there is no service in or near this beautiful Mountain Wilderness Area.  Anyway, the phone is handy when we travel to more urban environments.  The TRACFONE User Guide details a GPS feature – which I attempted to use, with no success.  Customer Service tells me that this GPS feature is currently not available for the TRACFONE phones – but they are working on making this feature available.  That would be fantastic – enabling millions of people with cell phones, to know their location and give them the ability to do GEOCACHING!  I purchased the phone on sale for $29 – that would be a very affordable GPS/Phone Hot 
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2 Responses to Cell Phone/GPS

  1. S.G. says:

    Nice space, love the photos:) 

  2. Roger says:

    Hello, AT&T has a pay as you go and has some of the best area coverage you can get plus they have some very nice GPS phones.I live in Washington state and we are in the mountains a lot cutting firewood or horse riding, fishing or hunting and granted we do not get service every where we go but I am surprised when we are twenty miles from nowhere and  I am getting reception. The TracFone is good on interstates and urban areas but not much else. Of course I saw this as a sales opportunity if you are interested please look at my site we have a lot of free phones….RogerAnimatedCellPhone.Com 

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