Federal Land Rape

The other day, while skimming the dialog of the Republican Presidential Candidates Debate, I noticed something other than the military build-up posturing that also left me fearing a Republican dominated future.  This is about a comment made by Newt Gingrich, and this is in my words as I simply jotted down a couple notes.  Gingrich said something like: we could save 500 billion per year by having efficient effective federal government (fairly generic complaint) – Open Up Federal Lands (sell to the highest bidder – like China purchases Yellowstone National Park?) – to increase jobs and revenue of the federal government. This is not a new idea – Republicans have made several proposals over the past few years, regarding removal of existing government regulations on federal land, so private companies could set up shop on Forest Service or BLM lands and build roads, harvest timber, develope mining – whatever they desire, without regard or protections to environmental, biological or cultural issues.  In other words open up the Federal Land to unmittigated resource extraction and economically driven rape of the land, the plant communities, the animals, the ecology, the water and the pristine public resources that recreationists, hunters, backpackers, fishermen, hikers, people seeking solitude… what we have all enjoyed since it was initially protected by federal agencies over the past 100+ years.  Other Republican proposals involve actually selling Forest Service & BLM lands to the public through a bidding process.  To me, this is some very scarry stuff and federal lands and federal land management needs to be left to forestry and range specialists – not raped by soe private enterprise.  Now that Gingrich is a front runner in the race to be president, the public needs to be made aware of his ill intentions – this is an outrageous idea and its promotion needs to be shot down as quick as it raises its ugly head :whistling:   So asside from any comment you may choose to make, this is a polling of those who Yes, support privatising federal lands; or No retain present federal management of federal land resources.  

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The Green Thing

But that old lady is right. They didn’t have the green thing back in her day.

I can remember time before the green thing. Actually the greed thing Oh sorry, I ment the green movement sort of came to be n the late 60’s, along with the hippies, peace, flower power… Back in the time before the green thing, many people haden’t developed an environmental consciousness. Actually, our ancestors were very good with the green thing – when humans were dependent on nature and had only simple tools, the hand of man had little negative effect on the environment. Humans respected the necessary interaction of plants and animals and everything had a purpose. This was an environmental awareness that mankind developed, because we were dependent on a functioning ecological system protection and preservation of natural resources. Along came the modern inventions with the industrial revolution – electricity, gas engines, tin cans… our culture changed very fast over the past 125 years. Having spent years documenting archaeological remains in our National Forests, I noted so much trash dating to the period of time from after WWl – the early 1960’s. In areas where logging or mining activities were present, there remains related trash cans, equipment, what ever – they would just leave it. People seemed to loose respect for the environment – rape the land for profit and greed – get as much as fast as you can using modern technology – big equipment, chain saws… the face of the land was being forever modified and hapening so fast – finally the green movement began an attempt to preserve some natural ecological systems before it was too late.

But that old lady is right. They didn’t have the green thing back in her day.

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Redistribution of Wealth

We have a problem with our economy – we are loosing ground to China and others – Our businesses and the economy in the USA, has not been able to adapt to the world market place – We no-longer have businesses that make products that are consumed by us – we are consuming products from other contries, who can make products cheeper and we like cheeper. So we continue to loose market share and the jobs that were once suported. Can this be rectified? Not by the people who want to keep pointing backwards at the way things used to be (Conservative think tanks :-q ) We need to adapt our entire economic perspective to fit within the present and future worldview. We really need to focus on the entire picture and not address this in a piecemeal fashion. :-!

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Will take some time to get familiar with my new upgraded webpage – I’m already liking some things. Aligator, by The Greatful Dead, 1968

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Hello world!

Welcome to Geohuntr’s Space at WordPress.com  catch the beat and enjoy the groovy jazz and the Moody Blues:

Moody Blues

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Health link

When the Conservative Banter becomes unbearable, You can click this link – when you see the button, press as much as you like for gratifying relief Baring teeth smile
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Youth Vote

What are we, citizens of the U.S.A. and especially the young voters, thinking now as the 2010 State and National elections draw closer.  Have the Democrats in office done what they can?  This is how I feel: 
I think young adults realize the extent of the economic crisis facing the entire world – everybody just wants a fair shake and the Conservative Republicans just fight any positive changes – they want to keep all the marbles and not share. The Democrats and President Obama are doing their best despite the BS generated by Conservatives. Young adults should be angry with the attempts by Conservatives to derail all good ideas and not partcipate in job creation or a successful economy We all need to do our part to find NEW ways to create viable jobs and promote our country in the world economy – you can’t think that doing things the way they were done 25 – 50 or 100 years ago, is applicable today (as the Conservatives would have you believe) we need fresh ideas and positive change. The Conservatives speak with forked toung; as usual – twisting bits of truth with outright lies.
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