2012 Extension of Tax Break?

The issue should not be the gosh-darn Canadian oil pipeline – no doubt that will be done and it will be done in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), to insure that what is done, is in compliance to all environmental laws and regulations – for the safety of all things concerned, according to the very best scientific methods available. We don’t want to cause another natural disaster with oil spilling into water or aquafers; now do we House Speaker Bohner?

The Real Issue at hand is all about retaining the tax break and saving most families between $1000 – $1500 per household per year.  Many family budgets will be in bad shape with this loss of funds and the economy in general will suffer. Thinking people are aware of this.  Most everyone in the Senate (including many Republicans and Republican leader Mitch McConnell) do support extending the tax cut – democrats are unanimous in support; it seems that only the tea party types in the House and their leader speaker Bohner, are holding on stifffy against the extension tax break.
John Bohnner is such a big stiff – he needs to open that one big eye on the top of his big head and come with a more satisfying conclusion to this game he is playing with the American people’s pocketbooks. The Only issue here is getting the tax extension and President Obama & the democrats and many Republicans want it done ASAP – Before the New Year and they also dont care if its extended for two months or one year – those details can be worked out at a later date – bottom line do it now or it will cost everyone more money and more jobs than you can imagine. The House Republicans are precieved as extremist and are not co-operating with the political process – they are dragging this nation down and they should be removed expeditiously  :-!

This is one year later and the “Fiscal Cliff” has only one day to go (12/31/2012) before Congress must vote to tax additional money from the mega-rich or have everybody pay more tax. The Tea Party conservatives and some Republicans refuse to increase tax on the wealthiest 2% of the population. The result if we go over the cliff will increase tax on everyone ~ hurting the poor and middle classes most. This will cause people to spend less and the entire economy begins  downward momentum with more unemployment. The rich aren’t really effected ~ though they may not rake-in as much, when you have millions of dollars ~ who’s counting.  Going over the fiscal cliff will mandate less federal dollars are spent on military and social programs ~ again the poor and middle class will suffer most from unfunded social programs; while the Tea Party cheers.  Going over the Fiscal Cliff is self imposed austerity and I believe very stupid for our Congress to enact on our country ~ more recession and higher unemployment will be very difficult for all but the wealthy and it is the wealthy in our Congress who will decide.

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