Federal Land Rape

The other day, while skimming the dialog of the Republican Presidential Candidates Debate, I noticed something other than the military build-up posturing that also left me fearing a Republican dominated future.  This is about a comment made by Newt Gingrich, and this is in my words as I simply jotted down a couple notes.  Gingrich said something like: we could save 500 billion per year by having efficient effective federal government (fairly generic complaint) – Open Up Federal Lands (sell to the highest bidder – like China purchases Yellowstone National Park?) – to increase jobs and revenue of the federal government. This is not a new idea – Republicans have made several proposals over the past few years, regarding removal of existing government regulations on federal land, so private companies could set up shop on Forest Service or BLM lands and build roads, harvest timber, develope mining – whatever they desire, without regard or protections to environmental, biological or cultural issues.  In other words open up the Federal Land to unmittigated resource extraction and economically driven rape of the land, the plant communities, the animals, the ecology, the water and the pristine public resources that recreationists, hunters, backpackers, fishermen, hikers, people seeking solitude… what we have all enjoyed since it was initially protected by federal agencies over the past 100+ years.  Other Republican proposals involve actually selling Forest Service & BLM lands to the public through a bidding process.  To me, this is some very scarry stuff and federal lands and federal land management needs to be left to forestry and range specialists – not raped by soe private enterprise.  Now that Gingrich is a front runner in the race to be president, the public needs to be made aware of his ill intentions – this is an outrageous idea and its promotion needs to be shot down as quick as it raises its ugly head :whistling:   So asside from any comment you may choose to make, this is a polling of those who Yes, support privatising federal lands; or No retain present federal management of federal land resources.  

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