No Tax on Tea Party

Obama just thinks it very funny :D that the Tea Party activists (think Morons) can’t seem to understand that we do need to increase taxation on the wealthiest 3% (that is Not anybody reading this BTW) these folks have accumulated hundreds of millions or billions of dollars… that sits in some Vault (because Rush Limbaugh doesn’t wan’t to support Obama or facilitate job growth); and the Tea Party :ymparty: just doesn’t have a clue – they speak of the Washington Elite not listning to "the people" – well the people need to go back and do more homework with regard to issues like health care and job creation and the war on terrorism in Afgahanistan and Greenhouse gases and every other important issue that Our President faces everyday. When the people actually understand an issue, well enough to pass judgement – than they should be listened to – as in the case of health care reform, where most of the people still have no clue – the Washington Elite do need to make some informed decisions. I say give the Tea Party what it needs – more education and a better understanding of ALL the factors involved – how everything is interrelated (they can only see the few things that are right in front of them) – they need the whole picture :-!

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4 Responses to No Tax on Tea Party

  1. D●D●B says:

    More education is always a good idea – especially when it comes to American politics. There seems to be an aura of hysteria permeating the landscape there now. Just an opinion from an interested observer and next-door neighbour.

  2. Geohuntr says:

    Canadians could benefit from further education in politics as well, eh?

  3. D●D●B says:

    For sure – we could all benefit.

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