My very favorite website is  The site now has about 125 members – most residents of the USA, but several other countries and cultures are represented (Mexico, Canada, Ireland, Italy, India, Iraq, Greece and more…)  Many of the members started bloging – asking and answering questions – discussing politics, computers, family issues… many members made initial contact on the MSN QnA website – when that site ended last year, one of the members (Chad) started this new sofablend website.  We are a great group of smart and friendly people, who discuss relavent and pertanent issues, politics, health care, Obama… We also have gruops like the Music Group, where people share their favorite music – right not hundreds of songs from the 60’s – 80’s are attracting some traffic.  I find this site is very fun and informative – I have never experienced on-line interaction like this before – its addicting – Give It a Try – You’ll Like It Hot


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2 Responses to SOFABLEND.COM

  1. D●D●B says:

    I second that! Sofablend is my online home. There’s no other QnA site like it. Great blog Geohuntr!

  2. Geohuntr says:

    Thanks for visiting Debbie and your nice comment – Sofablend Rocks!

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