– Opinion Forum (11/30/09) Children and Sex

Post subject: Re: Why do you think children have sex at younger ages?  (Geohuntr’s response):

They watch it on TV and at the movies and see it in the grocery store tabloids and computer

screens – pervasive perversion. They are saturated with the open expression of our sexual fantasy

and desire – they can follow the money and they know many adults have been persuing the sex,

drugs and rock-n-roll thing, since the cultural revolution in the 60’s. They try to imitate our

actions – not what we say (to them) but what we do.

I think its really to bad that they are exposed to this perversion of our morals – even the adds on

TV that talk about whistling Bob whistling Bob and 4 hour erections – anytime your ready or for

36 hours – your choice. No way does this crap belong on public TV and no way would it have been

seen with Leave it to Beaver. We were sheltered back in the 50’s and sexually ignorant compaired

to the youth today.

In addition, some kids are forced into it or paid for it – in the big cities, with gang influence, they

even get hooked on drugs and become hookers – hooked on drugs by gang-bangers. We don’t

have that really sick stuff out in the sticks where I live – thank god.

Or maybe its just the natural behavior – a physical response or unsatiable primal urge that grabs

the young, the minute their juices begin to flow they begin to monkey around and one thing leads

to another…

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