Fort Hood Shooter

This man was clearly insane. Perhaps the internment camps would be a good idea, for those suspected of being sympathetic to the middle eastern brand of terrorism. We also have a large, unoccupied inernment facility in Hardon, MT. You would think that our government spies could identify those people blogging forums on Facebook or other electronic communication devices. Like spend those Billions here in the US, on public surveylance – hire the unemployed and lock-up these suspected radicals and muslem’s who are suspect (like they have communication with others connected to 9/11.

We should not support sending more troops or money to Afghanistan, Because this entire war on terrorism is based on Bull – There is no real connection between these Crazy Individuals (like the Muslem Psychologist Shooter at Fort Hood) and and organised Terrorist Organization – This shooter was not a Terrorist – He was just One Insane SOB. So you don’t react to this murderous act, by spending millions or billions to study what went wrong or how you might beef-up the armed service – This was one lone ACT OF INSANITY – NOT ORGANIZED TERRORISM. You cannot fight these Insane Bomber Nut Cases with a larger military and larger funding – because they are not standing up to fight – they are not an Army and they don’t have an Air Force or Navy – they are invisable and possibly invincable – they don’t take orders from Oslimmee BinLadin (if he is still alive) there is no Terrorist Communication Network – these Crazy MF’s are actually unorganized loose cannons that we need to identify Here in This Country and sequester them appropriately. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by throwing more money and troops into Afghanistan.

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