David Thompson – 200 year Bi-Centennial

This year marks the 200th year since explorer, surveyor and Northwest Co. fur trader David Thompson and his voyageur-mountain men, arrived by canoe  and horse, from Canada.  Thompson established NorthWest Company Fur Trading Posts: Kullyspel House on Lake Pend Orelle and Saleesh House on the Clark Fork (Saleesh) River, in 1809.  His men had previously established a cache or hangard in 1809 and traded at a couple locations along the Kootenai (McGillivray) River (near Libby, MT. and Bonners Ferry, ID.  David Thompson and his men had the initial Europeen contact and interaction with Native American tribes of Northwest Montana, Northern Idaho and Northeast Washington. 
The Kalispel Encampment will celebrate this anniversary – June 24-26, 2009.  Archaeological, historical and tribal information will be shared with participants.  Fro information or to register, contact Ann Ferguson, Bonner County Museum – (208) 263-2344.  Recommended reading: David Thompson – The Saleesh House Period 1807-1812 – Sometimes Only Horses to Eat, by Carl Haywood.
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2 Responses to David Thompson – 200 year Bi-Centennial

  1. Geohuntr says:

    This was a fantastic sharing of tribal history, by members of the Kalispel tribe – Thank You :>) – Please see my photos of this Kalispel Encampment – David Thompson Bi-Centennial – Next year at Spokane House!!!

  2. Geohuntr says:

    I Will Be Going Next Year – Spokane House Fur Post – built by NW Co. (Fur Trading Post) 1810 – Spokane, WA.

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