Stimulus Jobs Are Good For All Of Us

The Economic Stimulus is now creating some jobs – young adults are being employed in our parks and ouher outdoor locations – doing trail clearing and other maintenance.  Stimulus money to pay for outdoor work – improvements to public land, is an excellent way to address our present economic crisis and fix the long list of back-logged needs. I was a trail crew leader and trail contract inspector with the USFS for many years and I am well aware of the long list of unfunded recreational trail projects, which are necessary to reduce safety hazards to users and restore trail resources, which are being lost due to lack of maintenance and use. The CCC’s built most of our National Forest trail system during the 1930’s depression. These trails need to be restored and hazards mitigated. It’s time we address our public lands and give people jobs where they will benefit everyone.
 Now if we could just make sure everyone has affordable health care – there are hundreds of thousands who work for the US Government year after year, who don’t have "permanent appointments" or health care and retirement benefits.
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