The Socialism of Universal Health Insurance

About 50 years ago, as I recall – the 1960 presidential election between the very conservative Richard M. Nixon and liberal John F. Kennedy, was almost identical ideologically, to the the last match between McCain and Obama. Looking back 50 years is a deja vu experience, with Republican and Democratic ideology running to the right and left of center. JFK inspired the country, much like Obama today. Though only 12, Kennedy would sure have gotten my vote.
The remainder of this QNA seems to encompass much of today’s politics – here is my take on it. The USA has by necessity many shared resources – State and Federal highways & roads, hydro-electric dams, trains, agriculture, schools… – actually most everything is in some way supported by our government and that seems OK with most people – until you mention health insurance. Than its like Obama’s Health Care proposal will turn us into Socialists! That’s self-serving Bull! But the Health Insurance industry will be fighting this one to the end. We are now subsidizing the insurance, banking and auto industries – government treasury is now paying for many workers health insurance. In the 1950‘s we lived in a bubble – protected by tariffs and transport costs – Americans bought goods made in the USA – we also had the best stuff right here. Now our industries must compete in a Global Economy. GM and others cannot continue to give employees HEALTH INSURANCE, as it jacks the cost of production and the cost to you – These industries are now looking for government support, because they can’t compete with foreign products. If we had a universal Health Plan – We would be more competitive in the Global Economy.
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