Afghanistan another Vietnam?

Gangas Khan, the British, the Russians and others, have attempted without success, to control the Afghan’s over the past several hundred years – Obama’s escalation of MONEY & TROOPS into that country, will just cause US more problems.  Generally I agree with President Obama’s ideas and good sense of direction for this country. I do not think we should be doing any military activity in Afghanistan. The US is about to learn a costly military lesson. It will cost Billions and many of our soldiers and there will be many Afghan civilians killed – they are now talking jihad. During the Vietnam War, many soldiers smoked "Tie Sticks" and lots of these were smoked back home as well Hot. In Afghanistan they have a great variety of one toke hash and opum – I’m sure many will sample these local products – maybe even send some home. We need to focus our resources (people & money) on our country and stop this military occupation. Put a big contract on BinLadin’s head and be done with it. 
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