“I’ve Been Tested”

Yesterday, Sen. John McCain announced to the world, that he had been tested – referring to past acts of terrorism – he also implied that Sen. Obama had not been tested.  John McCain has not yet been in the position (President of the United States of America) to be "tested."  Lets hope that he never will be in that position, because if he is tested, he may display some very pent-up anger and hostility. Not sure that he could keep a cool head, under all the presures of the position he seeks – don’t think he is known for that. McCain refers to acts of terror – our next President could be "tested"  – we are spending $10 billion/week – 5 years after the last testing. Who knows how McCain might drive up the cost, in some insane rage?
Today Al Qaeda endorces John McCain – they like someone who has been tested Angry  They want him to follow President Bush and stay in Iraq!  Keeps us off their backs.   
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