BLM – Euthanize Wild Mustangs?

Must see Newsweek Magazine story ‘The Wild Horse Is Us’ ( I submitted comment yesterday, along with hundreds of people from all over the country. Most people think the Wild Mustangs need to be protected or allowed to run free. The BLM is considering the idea of culling or euthanizing thousands of Mustangs. Ranchers whine about too many mustangs, destroying the land (Public – government land) that they use for grazing cattle. The mustang was there first – we just watched a small herd of Wild Mustangs in the Theo. Roosevelt National Park and Grasslands – north of Medora, North Dakota. Beautiful grasslands, which support Wild Buffalo and Mustangs. I have some great pictures on this website. Teddy Roosevelt was visionary – protecting several of our National Parks, so we can still see wild buffalo and horses – places where ranchers and private land development is not permitted. The BLM should stop capturing Wild Mustangs if there are too many for the adopt-a-horse program. We adopted a BLM mustang (from Nevada) 24 years ago in Spokane, WA. She is still my favorite – smart & lovable and great on trails. You can adopt them for about $125 – cheep for a horse and they can be trained to be the best! My wife wrote an article about how to gently break a wild mustang (Horse Lovers magazine, Nov. 1985). I say sterilize to reduce the wild horse herds – Don’t Euthanize! Wink
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