Twin Cities Traffic

Recently drove about 1400 miles, to visit friends & relatives in MN.  Seemed like much less I-90 Interstate Freeway traffic – due to high cost of gas, people are driving less on vacation.  Didn’t see any traffic, until about 90 miles from Twin Cities – than the road gradually begins to fill with cars.  The closer to downtown, the tighter the cars are jammed together and the more aggressive you need to be to survive.  This is a difficult transition for a laid-back driver from remote mountains of the Inland Empire.  We don’t even have a red light! Hot  – and that seems to be all they do – wait for the green light – I get very impatient waiting – guess the city folk adapt to it.  Can’t believe how far the city has grown into the country – where I used to hunt squrrill & pheasant, now are rich looking suburbs or expanding strip cities in all directions.  Where does all this development money come from?  The same folks who support Obama.  Light bulb 
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