Mining the Wilderness

The proposed Rock Creek Mine, which would tunnel under the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness, will not be able to start work this spring as planned. Earthjustice lawyers, repersenting several environmental groups, including: the Rock Creek Alliance, Cabinet Resource Group, Clark Fork Coalition, Earthworks, Sierra Club, Trout Unlimited, Pacific Rivers Council, Alliance for the Wild Rockies, Natural Resources Defense Council, Montana Wilderness Association and Great Old Broads for Wilderness – have filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Endangered Grizzly bear and Bull Trout populations. 
We do have a few Grizzly bears living in and around the southern end of the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness Area. I watched a male Griz swimming in Baree Lake, 15 years ago, while conducting an archaeological survey for the U.S. Forest Service – Kootenai N.F., Libby Ranger District. It was an experience I will never forget and though I had a camera, I couldn’t take my hand off the can of pepper spray – for me it was a moment of time that will be forever frozen in my memory. These few wild Grizzly bears and the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness Area, need protection from an invading civilization. For more information about the proposed Rock Creek Mine project, please see my previous blog’s and photos on this subject.
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