Presidential Debates

I was able to view some of the Republican presidential debate and also watch reruns.  The two leading contenders, Sen. John McCain & the very rich Gov. Romney, scare me with their sabor rattling saying we will be in Iraq for a very long time… We will build up our troop numbers and funding… that we will expand our presents throughout the middle east… We will be keeping close watch on Russia’s President Putin – who is really just a KGB opperative, with his hand on a huge arsinal of nuck’s… These Republicans are planning to keep reducing taxes (with regard to the filthy rich) and put these reduced revinues into millitary world domination – while borrowing from the Chinese and reducing all other government subsidised programs.  These guys are ruthless bastards.  Tonight we shall see the Democratic Presidential Debates – It should be clear to most Americans, that the Democratic party is the direction we need to follow with our votes.  The big money people and corporations are making tons of money with the war and they want things to remain the same – these things need to CHANGE!
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