Talking about Presidential Quotes

Party  Obama wins Iowa! I was expecting Hillery Clinton – I watched his video this morning – He is hot and I ‘m impressed. Obama says "Tell the lobbiests they don’t own this government – we do, and were going to take it back!"  He supports bringing the troops home; middle class tax cuts; available & affordable health care; addressing Global Warming… most all the same good stuff that Hillery wants – just that Obama seems to have the juice and the balls.  

Presidential QuotesThe other day president Bush said "I think ours is the party (Republican) that understands the nature of the world" – LOL – They had and probably still have, No Clue about Global Warming  or the natural world!  – Also think they are way off base with their war on Terriorists – You can’t use an army .5 million troops, to stop a few loose radicals (like Bin Ladin).

On another note, thought W.J. Clinton summed it up well, when he said that Presidential contender Hillery Clinton (his wife) is a "World Class Genius" – is that a relative statement? 
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