Could Be A Gigantic Hoax

The possibility exists that Bin Ladin was terminated in some mountain cave hideout, along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border.  Wink 
The CIA confirms that the tapes purported to be from Bin Ladin are actually from the madman.  I think this could be a gigantic hoax – perpetrated by our own CIA, the President and the Vice President.  NPR-Morning Edition states that President Bush is requesting another $46 Billion for war efforts in Iraq & Afghanistan – This would be a total expenditure of $600 Billion to date – to get Sadam and Bin Ladin and his rogue people. 
I think its a conspiracy – to put words or Militant Muslim Directives, for the Taliban and al-Quida, out of the mouth of this dead man.  This could be a good book and movie!  There is alot we don’t know.       
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One Response to Could Be A Gigantic Hoax

  1. Geohuntr says:

    Bush was on TV today, begging congress to pass his request for an additional 196 billion dollars – by the Holidays (before the New Year).  Congress (especially Democrats) is reluctant – Bush cannot lower taxes on the very rich (he did) and spend money like he has.  He needs to MAKE THE RICH PAY, FOR THIS REPUBLICAN SPONSERED GLOBAL BULLYING.  TAX THOSE FAT CATS, MAKING BOOCOO BUCKS, while the oil wars are on-going. 

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