The previous military commander in Iraq, Retired Lt. General Sanchez, has spoken out – calling the Bush administration incompetent.  He states that "ACTION WITHOUT VISION IS A NIGHTMARE – AMERICA IS LIVING A NIGHTMARE, WITH NO END IN SIGHT."  Just who are these people in Iraq?  There is a long cultural history – with formative period developing along with agriculture – about 8,000 years ago.  The Bush Administration has no idea who these people are.  Any good Applied Anthropologist will know that you can’t ram our ideas about what’s right or good, down their throats.  You need to understand where they (various groups) are specifically coming from and modify changes so that they are incrementally acceptable.  Sanchez says the Bush Administration was unrealistic and optimistic – but they did not know these people or their long cultural history.  Sanchez says this is a catastrophic failier – indeed!
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  1. Geohuntr says:

    Tonights e-news notes "The war has brought terriorism to Iraq – they hate the U.S."

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