Bridges to Nowhere

I visited a "Bridge to Nowhere" yesterday – there is a geocache nearby, so I drove about an hour (beautiful drive along the Koocanusa Reservoir) to catch the cache. The bridge is just over .5 mile long and spans the reservoir, just south of the Canadian Border (see photo in my Blog photos).  This bridge was built in conjunction with the Libby Hydro-electric Dam, in 1976.  The railroad and the people in all the little towns, which existed near the Kootenai River, were paid off and ousted, so the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers could do this multi-billion dollar project.  The reservoir extends from the Libby Dam, north – way into Canada.  The bridge, which must have cost a fortune, is built in a very remote part of NW Montana – it connects to nowhere, from nowhere!  In 30 years, it has not stimulated any growth and appears to have been very unnecessary!  Mayby good for tourism, recreation & geocaching Hot  Also could be very nice for smugglers & Grizzly bear coming & going from the Yaak to Canada.
Anyway, it seems that Sen. Ted Stevens is requesting massive sums of cash for a "Ferry to Nowhere" or actually from Anchorage to Matanuska Peninsula.  This would enable quick transport of people & goods, across water, instead of around about.  Guess there multi-billion dollar "Bridge to Nowhere" project, proposed for Ketchican, AK., didn’t fly. People want to make this guy happy, as he’s connected to the North Slope oil pipeline.  Can we afford these expensive pork-barrel projects, along with funding this Terrorist War and keep our socal programs afloat?  Sounds like Bush is going to axe the social programs. Don't tell anyone 
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