Some thoughts

1. Geocaching is not a ground disturbing activity and it should be allowed on public lands.
2. Iraq is experiencing a "Civil War" that should not involve our military.
3. We need to maintain Federal Funding – not downsize our great buffalo herd at the National Bison Range.
4. Additional Wilderness designation is desireable for protection of ecosystems in the Mallard-Larkins Pioneer Area and Proposed Scottsman Peaks Wilderness Areas of the Idaho Panhandle N.F. and Kootenai N.F.
5. The David Thompson Bicentennial will be exciting – lots of activities planned in Canada and US. Good websites: and
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One Response to Some thoughts

  1. Geohuntr says:

    6. I think these Live.Spaces are very cool, but somethings seem to be difficult to configure – I have submitted a request for help from Live Spaces support.  Trying to paste the html for My Stat Bar, from – this is supposed to be do-able, but where & how to do it is my question.

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